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About Shion kindergarten

What do you think is the most necessary nutrient
to make beautiful flowers bloom?
Beyond academic background and deviation value,
what will be required of the future and society

What kind of person do you want your children to be?

A person who can study well and play sports well?
A person who is curious, always positive, motivated and able to get the results of work?
A person who has the ability to make money and can live on his own for the rest of his life?

I moved to work as a kindergarten principal, after working for a long time in the IT industry.
What I feel through my own experience.
That is, by the time your children become a member of society, due to the development of AI and other IT technologies, the old-fashioned ways of thinking, such as academic backgrounds and deviation-value education, may no longer valid.
I believe that the time will come when children will be required to find what they want to learn and be passionate about it, instead of learning according to a fixed curriculum.

Raise the seeds of the human resource structure required by the times.

And the education needed in the pre-school period before going to school is not to raise "the small version of adult".
Early childhood education is like growing roots in a plant.
Humans need to lay the groundwork when they are young. It's the same as if you don't grow the roots well, beautiful flowers won't bloom. Otherwise, as an adult, they may have a hard time surviving in this new era of society.

Learn the rules of play through playing with their friends.
Try to change the rules of play.
Try to make a new play.

In this way, through play, they will find something to be absorbed in , and be enthusiastic.
By repeating the experience of such playfulness, the children can cultivate the foundation for living in this world.

Will you join us in the important time before compulsory education with us at Sion Kindergarten to educate children to develop their ability to live?

Principal : Shinya Sano
(Pastor of Yoyogi Church
The Gospel Church of the United States establishes Yoyogi Church for missionary and educational projects
At the same time, early childhood education started as Wakaba Kindergarten
Closed temporarily due to intensifying Pacific War
Responding to the needs of the region with the end of the war
Newly established as a kindergarten attached to Yoyogi Church

In a healthy, bright, spontaneous and enjoyable preschool life,
Gratitude, care, courage, responsibility, etc.
We aim to form a true human being through
Christian early childhood education.
And the goal of education is to raise children who are independent,
“they can think for themselves and act voluntarily” in groups.


● feature ●

    • 神様に守られていることを知り、
    • 1,

      Raise to know that you are protected by God.
      And we value praying in our lives.

    • ひとりひとりの子ども理解を深め、
    • 2,

      We are trying to deepen the understanding of
      each child and support their growth and development.

    • 遊びは、子どもの成長発達の上で
    • 3,

      We believe that play is the most important part of a child's growth and development.
      We have plenty of time to play, find their favorite games,
      and help them to play by themselves or with their friends.

    • 同年齢だけではなく、
    • 4,

      We value friendship with different ages as well as the same age,
      and teachers communicate with all children.
      And while valuing the discussions of teachers,
      we will watch over and support the growth and development of the children.

● Childcare hours ●

  • Mon - Thu 9:00 - 14:00
    Friday 9:00 - 11:30

    ※For 3 year olds (younger children), the drop-off time will be decided according to the condition of your child.

  • Mon - Thu 14:00 - 17:00
    Fri - A.M shift 11:30 - 17:00

    ※3 year olds (young children) from the second semester

  • Attended Yoyogi Church School Kindergarten Service
    9:00 - 9:50

  • Saturdays, national holidays, and Kindergarten founding anniversary
    (When Saturday is a national holiday, Friday is a substitute holiday.)

  • Summer vacation, winter vacation, spring vacation
    (To be determined from year to year)


Shion Kindergarten

TEL : 03-3466-4754

mon - fri 9:00 ~ 16:00